Membership is open to all individuals of higher educational institutions. The membership year is from January 1 through December 31. New York State residents who join the American College Health Association (ACHA) will automatically become members of NYSCHA.


Click on “About ACHA & Membership” on the ACHA web site at Two types of membership are available – individual membership and institutional membership. Benefits for each type of membership are listed. The fee to join ACHA as an individual member is lower if your health service is an institutional member.

ACHA Institutional Membership: If your health service is not currently an institutional member, this may be the time to approach your administration about becoming an ACHA institutional member. As an institutional member, your health service will receive one individual ACHA membership for an individual designated as the Representative from a Member Institution (RMI). Your health service will also receive one student ACHA membership (SRMI) as part of the institutional membership.

Benefits of Membership

For a complete list of benefits for ACHA individual and institutional members, check the ACHA web site at In addition, members in New York State will also receive the following benefits:

  • Opportunities to network with college health professionals in New York State.
  • NYSCHA web site and NYSCHA listserv for NYS college health professionals to keep you up-to-date with college health issues.
  • An Annual Meeting that provides a forum for networking and the exchange of ideas among college health professionals and those interested in college health issues. Annual meetings are offered in the fall. Every other meeting is a combined meeting with our colleagues from the New England College Health Association.
  • District meetings to help members connect with others working in college health settings in their area of the state.
  • Funding opportunities for programming for students and for multi-campus activities.
  • Opportunities to recognize excellence in college health through the NYSCHA awards for professionals and for students.