Contact Us

Contact Us

Members of NYSCHA have found it helpful to communicate with each other about topics of mutual interest, to ask questions about specific practices, and to share information. The following contacts are available to facilitate this communication:

NYSCHA Executive Board Members

You may find it helpful to write to a member of the NYSCHA Executive Board when you have questions. You can write to one of the officers, to the chair of one of the sections or committees, the ACHA representative, or the NYSCHA conference planners. They are all interested in helping you with questions you may have. For the names of the members, check the Executive Board list.

Annual Meeting Conference Planner

If you have questions about the NYSCHA Annual Meeting, you can e-mail the NYSCHA Conference Planners at or  See the Annual Meeting page for more information.

Job Listings

Questions about job listings should go to the NYSCHA Communications Chair (  See NYSCHA Job Listings for more information.