About the New York State College Health Association (NYSCHA)

NYSCHA Mission

The New York State College Health Association (NYSCHA) is an organization of individuals dedicated to promoting the health, safety, and well-being of college students through primary care, mental health services, health counseling, health education, and health promotion activities. NYSCHA also recognizes its role as an advocate for health services and their representatives in areas relating to college health.


To be the unifying organization for individuals involved in college health in New York State.

NYSCHA Executive Board

The New York State College Health Association (NYSCHA) is led by the Executive Board, which consists of elected officers (President, President-Elect, Treasurer, and Secretary), the immediate Past President, the Region V Representative to the ACHA Board of Directors, Section Chairs, Committee Chairs, and appointed members. The Executive Board meets at least four times each year to discuss policies, budget, annual meeting planning, and other issues affecting the organization.

NYSCHA Annual Meeting

The New York State College Health Association (NYSCHA) holds an annual meeting in the fall of every year. Every other year, the annual meeting is held in combination with the New England College Health Association (NECHA). For more information about the NYSCHA Annual Meetings, click here.

News from NYSCHA

Check here for announcements about upcoming meetings, resource materials, job postings, NYSCHA grant opportunities, awards, etc. If you have news to share, e-mail your announcement to mmadsen@uhs.rochester.edu.