2016 – Annual Meeting Handouts

Conference Booklet

Section 1 Welcome
Section 2: Schedule of Programs
Section 3: Faculty Presenters
Section 4: Sponsors and Exhibitors
Section 5: Online Evaluation Process
Section 6: Summary of Continuing Education Credits



2016 Conference Slides

WE-2.01 Epidemiology Diagnosis and Management of the Female Athlete Triade

WE-2.02 Implementing and Evaluating a Gatekeeper Training Program as Part of a Comprehensive Approach to Suicide Prevention

WE-2.04 DIY Bystander Educational Programs

WE – 2.05 Latent Tuberculosis Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment: PPD, IGRA, CXR. . . Then What?

TH – 3.04 HPV in Sexual and Gender Minority Populations

TH 3.05 Addressing Relationship Violence on Campus Using the One Love Escalation Workshop

TH – 4.01 Adverse Reactions to Drugs: Dispelling Myths

TH-4.04 Engaging Peer Educators in Delivering Evidence -Based Interventions: Innovative Training Models, Benefits, and Challenges

TH – 5.03 Creating a HIV Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Clinic at a College Health Service

TH- 5.01 Allergists Approach to Asthma

TH-6.02 Supporting Students with Chronic Illness.pdf

FR-8.04 – Resilience and the Student Experience: Building Grit and Perseverance in Our Students

FR – CAP The Resilient Health Center Staff Member