2015 Annual Meeting – Handouts

NYSCHA is grateful to the everyone who presented at the NYSCHA 2015 Annual Meting. It is through their generosity that the handouts from their sessions are available on this web site. The material contained within these presentations are the property of their author(s) but may be downloaded for personal use. If you would like to share the material, please contact NYSCHA for permission by e-mailing ldudman@uhs.rochester.edu.


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Wednesday, October 28, 2015
WE-PRE: Pre-Conference Session: 8:45-11:15
WE-Pre.01 All You Needed to Know About Concussion Testing- ImPact, VOMS, King-Devick, Balance Testing and Much More
Paul D. Berkner, D.O., FAAP, Colby College; P. Davis Smith, MD, Trinity College; Scott Simmons, MD
WE-Pre.02 Nurse Manager Pre-Conference Workshop
Presenters: Lauri Gallimore, RN, BS; Lori Soos, RN, BSN, MA; Tina McCarthy, RN, BSN
WE-Pre.03 Best Practices in Peer Education
Presenters: Ryan Travia, MEd; Joleen Nevers, MAEd, CHES, CSE; Fran Taylor, MA
WE-KEY: Keynote Presentation: 12:30-1:45
WE-KEY Impacts of Substance Use and Mental Health on Young Adult Health and Development
Presenter: Amelia M. Arria, PhD
WE-1: Concurrent Sessions: 2:20-3:50
WE-1.01 Ankle and Knee Injuries – Ankle InjuriesKnee Injuries
Presenter: Richard Kim, MD, CAQSM
WE-1.02 Nursing Skills Assessment: Head, Ears, Nose, Throat, Heart, Lungs and Abdomen
Presenter: Sherrie Murray, MS, FNP, ANP-BC
WE-1.03 Breaking Down Barriers to HIV Testing in the College Health Setting
Presenters: Rebecca DiSaia Minus, MSN, RN and Naomi Ninneman, BA
WE-1.04 Alleviating Depression and Anxiety Through Large Scale Mental Health Promotion Strategies
Presenter: Jessica Gifford, LICSW
WE-1.05 Panhellenic Sorority Women’s Reported Experiences and Perceptions of Hooking Up on Campus
Presenter: Melissa Kelley, MS, CHES
WE-1.06 Best Practices for Treating Transgender and Gender Variant Students on Campus
Presenters: Elliot Ruggles, MSW, PhD and Acey Mercer, MSW
WE-2 Concurrent Sessions: 4:30-5:45 p.m.
WE-2.01 Assessment and Management of Concussion in the College-Aged Student
Presenter: Richard Kim, MD, CAQSM
WE-2.02 STOP THE SWAP!  Group B Meningitis Response at Providence College
Presenters: Catherine Kelleher, RN  and Suzanne Bornschein, MD
WE2.03 Nursing Skills Assessment: Skin, Neurological, and Musculoskeletal Systems
Presenter: Sherrie Murray, MS, FNP, ANP-BC
WE-2.04 Resilience and the Student Experience: Building Grit and Perseverance in our Students
Presenters: Keith Anderson, PhD and Peter Forkner, PhD
WE-2.05 Building an Evidence-Based Comprehensive Prevention and Intervention Program to Address Alcohol Use Among Student-Athletes Using a Public Health Framework
Presenters: M. Dolores Cimini, Ph.D; Estela M. Rivero, Ph.D; Brian M. Freidenberg, Ph.D.; Joseph M. Monserrat, Psy.D; and Rachel Burnetter
WE-2.06 SHIP in Lieu of Medicaid – A Pilot Program Between Cornell University and New York State
Presenters: Valerie Lyon, MHA  and Ian Mahoney, MPP
Thursday, October 29, 2015
TH-3: Concurrent Sessions: 9:00-10:30
TH-3.01 The Evaluation and Management of Back Pain
Presenter: Scott Simmons, MD
Th-3.02 Anaphylaxis in the Community
Presenter: S. Shahzad Mustafa, MD, FAAAAI
Th-3.03 The Physical Therapy Intervention for Technical and Engineering Students
Presenters: Susanne Callan-Harris, MS; Caroline McBride, DPT; and Ralph Manchester, MD
Th-3.04 Holistic Student Success: Collaborative Programming to Address Mental, Physical and Academic Wellbeing
Presenters: Emily Rosenthal and Katie DeOliveira
Th-3.05 Ethics in Health Promotion
Presenters: Joleen Nevers and Claudia Trevor-Wright
Th-3.06 Campus Emergency Preparedness and Tabletop Exercises
Presenters: Melissa Lopez, RN, BSN, MPH and Terron Jones, MPH
TH-4: Concurrent Sessions: 11:00-12:15
Th-4.01 Hot Topics: What Are You Doing About …?
Presenters: Davis Smith, MD; Scott Simmons, MD; Ralph Manchester, MD; and Rachel Bergeson, MD
Th-4.02 Wound Care in the College Setting
Presenter: Lisa Wallin, NP
Th-4.03 “Ready to Quit!” Developing a Comprehensive Smoking and Tobacco Cessation Intervention Program for Students
Presenters: John Wong and Elizabeth Riccio
Th-4.04 Building a Comprehensive, Sustainable Campus Suicide Prevention Program Using a Public Health Approach: A Framework for Success
Presenters: Dolores Cimini, PhD and Estela Rivero, PhD
Th-4.05 Emerging Drugs of Abuse: An Epidemic in Our Communities
Presenter: Michele Caliva
Th-4.06 Yourself. Others. Community. Select Respect: Relationship Violence, Sexual Assault and Stalking Prevention
Presenter: Sara Gleisle, MS, CHES
TH-KEY: Keynote Session: 1:45-3:00
TH-KEY Overview of Light, Sleep and Circadian Rhythms as it Relates to College Students
Presenter: Mariana G. Figueiro, PhD
TH-5: Concurrent Sessions: 3:30-4:45
TH-5.01 Medical Grand Rounds
Presenter: Davis Smith, MD
TH-5.02 Grand Rounds – Nursing
Presenter: Lauri Gallimore, RN, BS and Deborah Penoyer, MS, BSN, AAS, RN
TH-5.03 TB on a College Campus: A Case Study
Presenters: Patricia Bosen and Jamie Berardi
TH-5.04 Mental Health Grand Rounds
Presenters: John Miner, MD and M. Gerard Fromm, PhD
TH-5.05 Health Promotion Trends and Hot Topics: A  Round Table Discussion
Presenters: Jessica Greher Traue, EdM; Melissa Kelley, MS, CHES; Shelly Sloan, MS, CHES; Matthew W Kiechle, MS, MCHES; Ryan Travia, M.Ed
TH-5.06 A Trauma-Informed Approach to Working with Survivors of Sexual Assault
Presenter: Kathleen Watson
Friday, October 30, 2015
FR-KEY: Keynote Session: 8:15-9:30
FR-KEY Preventing Sexual Violence through Positive Culture Change
Presenter: Melanie Boyd, PhD
FR-6: Concurrent Sessions: 9:40-10:55
FR-6.01 Locker Room Dermatoses or What’s Running Around the Gym?
Presenter: Judith Mysliborski, MD
FR-6.02 Improving the Management of Patients with Sore Throat in Walk-In Visits at Cornell
Presenters: Anne Jones, DO, MPH and Ginny Graydon, RN
FR-6.03 Spread Love Not Warts: Implementation of a Successful HPV Vaccine Quality Improvement Program at Salem State University
Presenter: Kimberly Daly, DNP, APRN, FNP
FR-6.04 Changing the Way We Serve Students on College Campuses: A Mental Health Resiliency Program Transitioning College Students on a Leave of Absence Back to Campus 
Presenters: Courtney Joly-Lowdermilk, MS.Ed.  and Sarah Satgunam, LCSW
FR-6.05 Health Promotion: Peer Review
Presenters: Michelle Mandino, MSW , Claudia Trevor-Wright, MA, JD, MCHES;and Colby Zongol, MA, MEd
FR-6.06 Cultural Interventions: Working with Students to Change Campus Norms
Presenter: Melanie Boyd, PhD
FR-7: Concurrent Sessions: 11:15-12:30
FR-7.01 Diabetes Goes to College:  Update on Diabetes Mellitus in the College Student
Presenters: James Desemone, MD; Graciela Desemone, MD; and Amanda Cedrone, MA
FR-7.02 What is Causing This Big Red Rash?
Presenter: Judith Mysliborski, MD
FR-7.03 Is “Get Tested” Enough? New Qualitative Research on Communication Strategies to Increase STI Testing
Presenters: Katharine Mooney, MPH, CHES and Amanda Mastrangelo, MA
FR-7.04 Trends and Correlates of Alcohol and Marijuana Use Among Black and White Females at One New England College Campus 2004-2014
Presenters: Sandra Bulmer, PhD; Aujke Lamonica, PhD; Emily Rosenthal, MPH, MSW; Leann Misencik, BA; Barbara Barton, PhD, RN, CHES
FR-7.05 An Ecological Exploration of the Impact of Residence Hall Living on Fitness and Nutrition Behaviors
Presenters: Sarah May and Joshua Fegley, Ed.D.
FR-7.06 Engaging the Campus Community in Sexual Violence Prevention
Presenters: Rebecca Harrington, MS; Lisa Evaneski, M.Ed.; and Paula Snyder, RN, BSN