2014 Annual Meeting – Handouts

NYSCHA is grateful to the everyone who presented at the NYSCHA 2014 Annual Meting. It is through their generosity that the handouts from their sessions are available on this web site. The material contained within these presentations are the property of their author(s) but may be downloaded for personal use. If you would like to share the material, please contact NYSCHA for permission by e-mailing ldudman@uhs.rochester.edu.


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Wednesday, October 22, 2014
Pre-Conference Sessions: 9:30-11:30 a.m.
Pre.01 Behavior Change in Our Patients and Ourselves: Evidence-Based, Experiential Enhancements in Motivational Interviewing Skills
Paul Grossberg, MD, University of Wisconsin
Pre.02 BASICS Boot Camp
Kate Watson, MA, EdM, Peirce College
Keynote Presentation: 1:00-2:00 p.m.
WE-KEY Realities of Campus Sexual Assault and Top Five Title IX Implementation Issues
Colby Bruno, Esq., Victim Rights Law Center
WE-1 Concurrent Sessions: 3:00-4:15 p.m.
WE-1.01 Asthma: Typical & Not-So-Typical Presentations in the College Setting
Brian Margolis, MD, St. Catherine’s Hospital and Private Practice
WE-1.02 Rural Primary Care and Its Role in Supporting College Health
Gail Speedy Mayeaux, BA and AnnMarie Zimmerman, MD, Southern Tier Community Health Center Network, Inc. and Paula Snyder, RN, BSN, Jamestown Community College
WE-1.03 The CARE Net Program: Development and Implementation of a Collaborative Campus Response to Residential Students Who Present with Suicide Risk
Estela Rivero, PhD; M. Dolores Cimini, PhD; and Laurie Garafola, MS, University at Albany, SUNY
WE-1.04 Motivational Interviewing: Skills to Support Victims of Intimate Partner Violence and Sexual Assault
Kate Watson, MA, EdM, Peirce College
WE-1.05 Utilization Reporting – Cornell’s Response to Evolving Technology              
Christopher Payne, PT, MHA and Kent Bullis, MD, Cornell
WE-2 Concurrent Sessions: 4:30-5:45 p.m.
WE-2.01 Disorders of Sleep in the College Health Setting
Brian Margolis, MD, St. Catherine’s Hospital and Private Practice
WE-2.02 Common Pitfalls: How to Avoid Bad Outcomes in Telephone Triage
Carol Rutenberg, RNC-BC, MNSc, Telephone Triage Consulting, Inc.
WE2.03 Shifting Generational Norms and Their Impact on Student Resilience and Coping
Marcus Hotaling, PhD, Union College
WE-2.04 Peer Education in College Health Reconsidered: Weighing the Benefits and Costs
Peer Education Scenarios Handout
M. Dolores Cimini, PhD and Estela Rivero, PhD, University at Albany, SUNY
WE-2.05 Navigating the Labyrinth: Making Title IX Work on Campus
Morgan Levy, JD, and Melissa Kelley, MS, CHES, University of Rochester
Thursday, October 23, 2014
Th-3 Concurrent Sessions: 9:00-10:30 a.m.
TH-3.01 Clinical Skills Workshop: Enhancing Brief Intervention Strategies to Improve College Students’ Behavioral Risks and Treatment Adherence
Paul Grossberg, MD, University of Wisconsin
Th-3.02 Telephone Triage: Program Design Supporting Best Practices
Carol Rutenberg, RNC-BC, MNSc, Telephone Triage Consulting, Inc.
Th-3.03 A 1-on-1 Programming Model and its Intrinsic and Extrinsic Benefits
on First Year Students at Union College

Amanda Tommell-Sandy, MA, Jared Zeidman, & Kate Schurick, MS, CAS, Union College
Th-3.04 Harnessing the Power of Social Media to Promote Healthy Behaviors Among Students
Kaitlyn Scalisi, MPH and Rick Aguilar, BSEd, Columbia University
Th-3.05 Eating Disorder Team – Determining Risk and Coordination of Care
Spiro Tzetzis, MD; Susan Pasco, PhD; Lisa Thomas, RD; and Wendy Armenta, MD, Syracuse Univ.
Thursday Keynote Session: 11:00-12:15 p.m.
TH-KEY Heroin and Other Opioids on Campus
Brian Johnson, MD, SUNY Upstate Medical University
TH-4 Concurrent Sessions: 2:00-3:30 p.m.
Th-4.01 Passing Things Along: Critters to Social Diseases
Judith Mysliborski, MD, Dermatologist
Th-4.02 Tuberculosis Screening and Targeted Testing of College and University Students: Developing A Best Practice Approach
Lori Soos, MA, BSN, Niagara University and Deb Penoyer, MS, RN, SUNY Geneseo
Th-4.03 Understanding Suicide: Implications for Clinical Practice and Public Health
Greg Eells, PhD, Cornell University
Th-4.04 Creating a Tobacco-Free Campus: Lessons Learned – Multiple Files:
Tobacco free – American Cancer Society
Tobacco free – Oswego
Cathy Smith, MSEd, MCHES and Devin Coppola, MD, SUNY Cortland; Trisha DeWolf, MS, and Donna Jerrett, AASRN, SUNY Oswego; Dolores Pasto-Ziobro, MS and Sue George, RN, Monroe Community College; Michael Seserman, MPH, RD, American Cancer Society
Th-4.05 Long Acting Reversible Contraceptive (LARC) Options for College Women
Beth Kutler, FNP-C, Cornell University
TH-5 Concurrent Sessions: 4:00-5:15 p.m.
TH-5.01 What is Causing This Big Red Rash?
Judith Mysliborski, MD, Dermatologist (Retired)
TH-5.02 Anaphylaxis in the Community PROGRAM CANCELLED.
S. Shahzad Mustafa, MD, Rochester General Medical Group
TH-5.03 Mindfulness in College Health: A Practical Introduction
Jamie Bolles, MA, Union College
TH-5.04 A Systems Approach to Improve the Timeliness and Impact of Mandated BASICS Interventions
Nancy Reynolds, MSPH, Ithaca College
TH-5.05 ADHD at the U of R: Where We Are and How We Got Here
Controlled Medication Agreement
Letter to Patients with ADHD
Alan Lorenz, MD; and Arjan Berkeljon, PhD; and Linda Dudman, MPA, University of Rochester
Friday, October 24, 2014
FR-6 Concurrent Sessions: 8:10-9:25 a.m.
FR-6.01 Common Upper and Lower Extremity Injuries in the College Population
Bradley Raphael, MD, RSM Medical Associates and Assistant Team Physician, Syracuse University
FR-6.02 Alcohol and Depression Screening: A Best Practice Approach Within a Health Center
Lori Soos, MA, BSN, Niagara University
FR-6.03 Integrated Care: Leadership and New Directions
Alan Lorenz, MD, University of Rochester and Anne Kearney, LCSW-R, LeMoyne College
FR-6.04 Healthy Monday: Implementing a Public Health Campaign to Prevent Chronic Disease
Leah Moser, MPH, CHES, Syracuse University and Sara Gleisle, MS, CHES, University of Rochester
FR-6.05 Recognizing and Responding to Measles on a College Campus, or “What Part of Quarantine Don’t You Understand?”
Ralph Manchester, MD, University of Rochester, and Leslie Lawrence, MD, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
FR-7 Concurrent Sessions: 9:35-10-50 a.m.
FR-7.01 Concussions: Identification and Management
Paul Klawitter, MD, PhD, CNY Internists, Crouse Sports Medicine Program
FR-7.02 Pre-Departure TSTs: Are They Necessary for All College Students Traveling Abroad?
Nicole Casten, BSN, Barnard College
FR-7.03 University of Rochester CARE Network: Identifying and Triaging Students in Distress
Erin Halligan, MSEd, NCC, ACS and Felicia Reed, LMSW, University of Rochester
FR-7.04 Time to SEGway into a MOVEment: Engaging Students to Lead Sexual Assault Prevention Initiatives
Melissa Kelley, MS, CHES and Kyle Orton, MA, University of Rochester
FR-7.05 The Balanced Scorecard: A Quality Assurance System for College Health
Kevin Readdean, MSEd, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Friday Capstone Session: 11:00-12:15 p.m.
FR-CAP Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems: Product Characteristics and Safety – SLIDES NOT AVAILABLE.
Maciej L. Goniewicz, PharmD, PhD, Roswell Park Cancer Institute