2012 Annual Meeting – Handouts

NYSCHA is grateful to the everyone who presented at the NYSCHA/NECHA 2012 Annual Meting. It is through their generosity that the handouts from their sessions are available on this web site. The material contained within these presentations are the property of their author(s) but may be downloaded for personal use. If you would like to share the material, please contact NYSCHA for permission by e-mailing ldudman@uhs.rochester.edu.


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Wednesday, October 24, 2012
Letting Go of Stress
Brian Luke Seaward, PhD
WE-1 2:50-4:05
1.01 Promoting Connection and Communication to Identify and Manage Eating Disorders on Campus:  Part I
Mary Tantillo, PhD, PMHCNS-BC, FAED
1.02 Telephone Triage for the Healthcare Professional
Wendy L. Wright, MS, RN, APRN, FNP, FAANP
1.03 Access to Care in an Evolving Healthcare Environment
Valerie Lyon, MHA and Christopher Payne, MHA
1.04 Postvention as a Prevention Tool: Developing a Comprehensive Campus Response to Prevent Suicide ContagionResource List
M. Dolores Cimini, PhD and Estela Rivero, PhD
1.05 “Navigating the Trans-Continental Highway: Working with Transgender, Gender-Variant, and Gender Queer Students on Campus”
Tara R. Schuster, MS
WE-2 4:15-5:45
2.01 Health Care for Transgender Patients
Sharon Glezen, MD, FACP
2.02 Promoting Connection and Communication to Identify and Manage Eating Disorders on Campus: Part II
Mary Tantillo, PhD,  PMHCNS-BC, FAED ; Ralph Manchester, MD; Ronke Tapp, PhD; Bharti Dunne; Erin Halligan; Amy Campbell, JD; and Carson Simms, MBA
2.03 Abdominal Pain: A Common Complaint in College Health
Wendy L. Wright, MS, RN, APRN, FNP, FAANP
2.04 Coping with Change at the Worksite – SLIDES NOT AVAILABLE.
Brian Luke Seaward, PhD
2.05 The Apprentice Brain: Science That Every Adult Craves
Susan A Scholl, MS, MS, CASAC, CAS,NCACII, CHES and Matthew W Kiechle, MS, MCHES, CPP
WE-EVE 7:30-8:45
  Ten Years of the ‘What’s Up, Doc?’ Radio Show – SLIDES NOT AVAILABLE.
Merrill Miller, MD
Thursday, October 25, 2012
TH-3 9:00-10:30
3.01 Ban the Tan
Judith Ann Mysliborski, MD
3.02 This Way, That Way, or The Other Way: Navigating Challenging Ethical Terrain – SLIDES NOT AVAILABLE.
Alan Lorenz, MD
3.03 College Students: Rural–Urban Health Care Issues
Kevin Watkins, MD and Sandra Watkins, RN, BSN, MS
3.04 Unwanted Sexual Experiences During a Hookup: Understanding the Reproductive Health Needs of College Women Ages 18-25 SLIDES NOT AVAILABLE.
Caitlin Powalski, MPH and Melissa Kelley, MS, CHES
3.05 “Paws for Stress Relief”Slide Set 2
Catherine Smith, MSEd, MCHES; Mary Beth Boland, BS; Teri Vigars, MA; Marie Blanden; Linda Dudman, MPA; and Mary Madsen, RN, BC
TH-KEY 11:00-12:15
  The Art and Science of Adapting Motivational Interviewing Strategies into Everyday Conversations with College Students: Long-term Impact in a Few MinutesPearls
Paul M. Grossberg, MD
TH-4 1:30-3:00
4.01 Clinicians’ Skills Workshop: Applying Brief Intervention Strategies Within 15-Minute Visits to Improve Patients’ Behavioral Risks and Treatment Adherence – SLIDES NOT AVAILABLE.
Paul M. Grossberg, MD See TH-KEY for handouts
4.02 Wound Healing with the Use of Advanced Wound Care Products – SLIDES NOT AVAILABLE.
Kathy Brown, RN, MN, CWOCN
4.03 Test of Reinfection for Chlamydia Trachomatis (CT) and Neiserria Gonorrhea (GC): A Protocol to Increase Retesting Rates Through a Clinic-based Quality Improvement Plan
Susan Mancuso, MSN, FNP
4.04 Understanding Title IX Mandates
Shelly Sloan,  MS, CHES; Lisa  Evaneski,  MEd; Andrea Stagg, JD; Amanda Tommell-Sandy, MS
4.05 CollegeGambling.Org: Bridging Research and Practice
Nathan Smith, BA   
TH-5 3:30-5:00
5.01 Management of Sports-Related Concussions – SLIDES NOT AVAILABLE.
Jeff Bazarian, MD, MPH and Eric Rozen, MA, ATC
5.02 Depression Screening: A Best Practice Approach within a Health Center
Lori Soos, MA, BSN and Margaret White, MSN, BSN
5.03 Quality in College Health: Achieving AAAHC Accreditation
Joy Himmel,  PsyD, APRN-BC, LPC, NCC, FACHA
5.04 Approaches to Best Utilize the Talents of Student-Veterans in a College Health Environment – SLIDES NOT AVAILABLE.
Brad Badgley, MEd
5.05 Sexting: New Technology. Old Problem. Finding Opportunity in Danger. – SLIDES NOT AVAILABLE.
Crystal Collette, LMSW – Program was not presented.
Friday, October 26, 2012
FR-6 8:10-9:25
6.01 Hypertension 2012
Spiro Tzetzis, MD
6.02 Developing Nursing Protocols Geared Toward College Health Practice
Kathleen MacLachlan, MS, APRN-BC, FACHA; Mary Madsen, RN, BC; & Paula Snyder, RN, BSN
6.03 Addressing Patients with Eating Disorders with Limited Resources – SLIDES NOT AVAILABLE.
Amanda Tommell-Sandy, MS and Angela Stefenatos, MS, FNP-BC
6.04 Creating Communities of Wellness through the Expressive Therapies
Sarah Spiegelhoff, MA, EdS; Allison Hrovat, MEd; and Laura Thompson, MA
6.05 Rape Prevention Education: Re-Thinking Our Strategies
Rebecca Harrington, MA
FR-7 9:35-10:50
7.01 “Real Time” Update on Adolescent/Young Adult HIV Issues
Leonard Weiner, MD
7.02 Disaster Triage
Kathee Tyo, MS, RN and Mary Madsen, RN, BC
7.03 Transitioning Models of Care – SLIDES NOT AVAILABLE.
Melinda Dubois, LMSW and Deborah Penoyer, MS, RN
7.04 What’s Walking Through Our Door – Anxiety, Depression, and Other Diagnoses
Marcus Hotaling, PhD
7.05 Social Marketing Using Non-Traditional Methods
Ted Winkworth, MS
FR-CAP 11:00-12:15
FR-CAP Modifying the Food Environment: From Mindless Eating to Mindlessly Eating Better
Brian Wansink, PhD