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(Updated 9-23-2016)

NYSCHA 2016 Annual Meeting
October 19-21, 2016 • Syracuse, New York

Theme: “Coming Together: Refresh, Reconnect, and Re-energize”

The NYSCHA 2016 Annual Meeting will be held at Sheraton Syracuse University Hotel and Conference Center next to Syracuse University campus from October 19-21, 2016. The planning committee has taken great care to select programs to meet the needs and interests of our many disciplines in college health. The online Conference Registration site is now open.

Congratulations – From the 2016 ACHA Annual Meeting

ACHA New Professional Award for NYSCHA

 Sara Gleisle, MS, CHES, The College at Brockport, SUNY

Sara currently serves as the Assistant Director of Prevention and Outreach Services at The College at Brockport, SUNY. Prior to working at Brockport, Sara worked at the UHS Health Promotion Office at the University of Rochester. Her knowledge of the health field, creative ideas, enthusiasm, and ability to collaborate with others are skills she has brought to both of her schools. Sara utilizes a public health approach in developing student programming toward general health, sexual health, and violence prevention. Sara’s colleagues are impressed with her strategic thinking, assessment skills, interactions with students, and especially her dedication to inclusivity.

Best Practices in College Health Award

LiveWellNYU, New York University

“LiveWellNYU” was recognized for its exemplary, innovative, and inspirational practice in the area of health education and promotion services in college health. “LiveWellNYU” serves as a comprehensive, university-wide, multi-dimensional framework that leverages evidence-based, population-level public health interventions combined with innovative engagement strategies to empower NYU students to be active partners in their health and well-being. The LiveWellNYU brand is framed as a for-students by-students grassroots movement built around more universally accessible types of content, modalities, and opportunities that are already of primary interest to students and students view as enriching their overall quality of life.

NYSCHA 2016 Student Group Award Winner

Stony Brook University SHAC – HPV Cancer Risk Awareness

Supported by Stony Brook University’s Cancer Center, Stony Brook University’s Gynecologic Oncology, the Long Island Tobacco Action Coalition, American Lung Assn., and the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition, this month-long effort to engage our students in the conversation about health, life-long health, and decreasing cancer risk culminated in the workshop, HPV Cancer Risk Awareness Workshop, which was presented by Dr. Joyce Varughese-Raju, Assistant Professor, Gynecologic Oncology at Stony Brook Medicine on April 11, 2016. Over 300 packets of information identifying cancer/HPV risk were distributed; 9 student groups supported/attended; 9 students received certification/attended BASICS training; two interns linked to Tobacco Action/identified interest in supporting ongoing awareness efforts; two student groups investigating future presentation raising awareness of peer cancer risk linked to HPV; two student groups have expressed interest in hosting campus screening, Fall 2016, of the HPV awareness film “Someone You Love.”

NYSCHA 2015 Student Group Award Winner
Geneseo Pathways Program

The Geneseo Pathways Program began in Fall 2011. Pathways peer advocates volunteer their time from 8pm to 8am on evenings and weekends to staff an after-hours helpline. Since Fall 2011, peer advocates have responded to over 220 contacts from students seeking support, information, or resources; with most contacts being for students with varying mental health issues.

In addition to staffing the helpline, peer advocates lead training groups to help new students develop skills to become peer advocates for future. Training group leaders explain and model skills, provide trainees the opportunity to practice skills via role plays, and provide constructive feedback to promote skill development.

Conferences/Meetings of Interest

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Handouts from Previous NYSCHA Annual Meetings

The handouts from the sessions are available on the Annual Meeting page of this web site. The handouts are organized by the session in which they were held.  We appreciate our speakers’ willingness to share their presentations with us.